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Quotes and Quips:

"What a pleasure it was to experience your passion and incredible musical talent! We are so pleased that you were our first feature performers in our new concert series! From the very first note, the energy of the music and your group's musicianship grabbed hold of the audience's attention, got feet tapping and people smiling. Certainly the standing ovations and the many appreciative comments we received emphasize how you create a blend of music that is sincerely enjoyed!"

- C. Olson, Executive Director , AWA

". . .their style is a diverse mix of Gypsy swing and jazz, an unique blend which prompts positive feedback from customers, as well as staff. . . The Bow Djangos are a very professional group who provide an entertaining evening and have always filled all available seats."

- T. Fraser, prop. Cabin Cafe

"I was lucky enough to find the Bow Djangos for a recent event I organized. The music was a perfect match and created an ambiance that went far beyond our expectations!"

- K. Peters, Cutlural Coordinator, Alliance Francaise

"when the Bow Djangos started, you raised the music to a whole new level. Wow! I was mesmerized by the quality of the music, by the songs themselves, and people left the building higher than kites!"

- G. Campbell, President, Fall Line Systems

"Pure ol' Magic - You do REAL music proud!"

- F. Smothers, fan

"Swings great. Love the name ."

- W. Nakamura, President, Hyper-Hip Media