CDBaby - Our latest CD, "Forward Into Yesterday" - available here NOW for download or disk (OR, order from us directly at tessbassieatgmaildotcom)

Djangology - More good introductory info.

Django on web radio - Join this and get Gypsy music (not to mention other forms of 'public style radio'

Gadjo Drom - This site is in French and from France. A great resource of material and information.

 Gypsy Jazz Guitar email list- THE clearing house of information in mail group form for this music with subscribers 'round the world...jump in and read/post.

Ian Cruikshank - One of the first teachers to reach out and teach someone...teaching materials and music.

Michael Dunn Guitars - Excellent Gyspy Jazz guitar luthier in B.C. Canada.

Patrus53dot com - Djangophile/sommelier extraordinaire documents past and present gypsy jazz artists through interviews,photos, and performance videos. Samples and reviews great wines

Sorrento Swing Workshop - A great workshop (usually in August) with professional instructors pulled from all over North America teaching a variety of Jazz and Swing concepts. Usually a Gypsy Jazz instructor (Michael Dunn has held that chair for the past few years) check site for details. - The swingin'est group of dancers in the city! A thrill to watch, AND they can teach you too! Check out their events and get yourself movin'!