The Bow Djangos are a rag-tag mix of gypsy fun who love to collaborate in the creation of this wonderful music !

'Countess' T. Bassie


After surviving a nearly fatal band explosion, this co-founder of the original assemblage  has emerged from the ashes of that devastating 'caravan fire' (as it were),  to champion the troupe you now see.  Once mistaken for 'just another pretty face on bass',  Tess's enduring commitment to foster musicianship and collegiality is a valued commodity in the group. Besides her musical contributions on bass, vocals, composition and arranging, her  passionate drive and love for the music  provides the momentum for managing the business end of The Bow Djangos. 

'Sir' Tristan Troubadour - l'honnête homme



Tristan not only wields his guitar like a knight in shining armour, but is a skilfull arranger, voicings expert, master chanteur, AND our own in-house sommelier! Bringing an intimate and first-hand knowledge of gypsy jazz directly from the source, this knowledgeable knight contributes a wealth of information and spectacular arrangement ideas to the collaboration. Eloquent of speech, skillful at canine enticement, refined of manners, appreciative of beauty, curious of intellect, witty, and possessing an ear for all the right chords,  is Sir Tristan Troubadour! 



Kindly 'King' CCCC - Known in the real world as one Cédric Blary, this quadruple-crowned king is  an exceedingly modest monarch. He is a highly-sought clarinetist, well-known for his tasteful and exquisite blowing , which along with his 'clever' asides - bring joy to the soul, delight to the ears, and a smile and a chortle to all. His mesmerizing and delightful stylings captivate the imagination, and transport listeners to the heavens. A boon to the one who can guess the origin of all his C's!



The 'Baron' of Swing 

Not much is known of the Baron Phill, but to hear him play is indeed a treat! The Baron dominates the guitar with his pick, rendering up melodies as fine as spun gold. With a passion for all things latin, his deft fingers quickly rise to any occasion; no rhythm is too challenging for his amazing talents. His musical sensibility is non-pareil - at once both tender and assertive, his melodic sense interesting and engaging. A true aristocrat!


Myron 'La Marquis' du Rhythm


was  instrumental in introducing the gypsy-jazz style guitar to Alberta audiences as early as 1997,  and has been delivering passionate professional performances for alomost three decades.  The most recent addition to the group, La Marquis is certainly a welcome addition, providing a sturdy backbone for the rhythm section. His steady, percussive guitar "pompe" epitomizes the gypsy jazz musical genre. Audiences agree - his cool style and polished musicianship is unique, memorable and enchanting. He is a dynamic presence on any stage.



Le 'Lion' - This koolest of kats brings the experience of over thirty years ofenthrallingappreciativeregional, national and international audiences with his jazz violin stylings. From out of the 'Cold Club of Canada' right into the heat of this little Calgary hot club, his purring violin will leave you speechless and completely spellbound. With feline finesse, he plys his bow upon his five-stringed instrument, and his exquisite and eloquent melodies enter the musical mix with a mighty roar!



'Nobiluomo' Albertonuovo

Guitarist extraordinaire and co-founder of The Bow Djangos since 2002, 'il padrino' is a source of inspiration and support, gallant and fearless, chief  consultant and  librarian of TBD. Abertonuovo returns from a long quest to once again grace this band of gypsies with the wisdom gleaned from his travels, the expertise of his experience, and his creative arrangements. Professional development personified, he is a tireless nobleman with a fast , decisive hand and a discerning ear. Appearing rarely,  on special occasions only.