The Bow Djangos is a group of talented musicians whose specialty is the hot swing and gypsy jazz of Django Reinhart’s Hot Club de France, seasoned with a dash of blues and a smattering of swing standards from the 1920’s to the 1950’s.

Dynamic and flexible, Calgary’s gypsy jazz ambassadors guarantee true hot club sound and the hot swing you love - no matter the occasion!  Lose yourself in the melodic strains of sweet, haunting violin, hypnotic clarinet, robust guitar, sultry vocals, and the deep underpinnings of ‘Countess’ Bassie’s rich double bass. Great for any activity from dancing to dreaming, the Bow-dacious Bow Djangos assure authentic hot club sound and a memorable gypsy jazz experience.

“Nobility for the ears.”

To learn more about the individuals in this veritable band of gypsies, please read on!